And then we just flew.

When I say I love the look Of my cock in her mouth….

What I mean to say is that she is my Rembrandt, my dark oil painting and dark eyes, lovely pale, and freckled skin, soft, so soft, like the silkiness of the lotions she spreads across her skin, kneads.  It has a slight taste of perfume, but I like to think we make a very good team when it comes to being moisturized.  I feel like it’s sorta a sin. As I rub myself all over her, like we are in rut. Yeah. Like that. That’s how we fuck. Like we are in rut and we have all night and the forest to ourselves. We fuck like we aren’t afraid of the night, but rather apart of it.

So there I am in the candlelight, propped on a pillow watching as she licks and sucks the head of my cock, makes hm, mm almost these purposeful sounds. Like at any moment she could push my hands away and bury her nose in my crotch. And I feel this. Like her private audience. Like I am her greatest fan

She is…in essence, my favorite porn to watch. While she sucks my balls, suck on the shaft, on that nugget right underneath, her eyelashes dreamy, smoky, languid, dark and dangerous. This is the way a goddess surfaces, just like from the darkness, from the void and here she is, just this paleness of skin, reflected in the moonlight, her green eyes darkened to black. Well, I think someone peeks her head out at her darndest times, and sometimes she surfaces from the deep waters like salvation. 

She talk about my penis like your favorite most devoted stuffed animal, like it was that piece of satin that you held onto until its comfort was more a memory than a reality. Like the best thing in the world. My dick is the velveteen rabbit and I watch her, like a fish coming out of the water below. Her mouth is open, half of my testicle sucked inside and there is no place I’d rather be and she dives into me. And I love how she sees me, try e beauty of me inside her head. 

We are wonderful at this life, because even with so much of life’s problems you couldn’t keep us away with a stick.

I love the moment where I lock into her. Like some beautiful belt buckle as I strap in, and fold my arms over her thighs, as I reach up to her breasts to fondle and grasp. I watch the expanse of her, the mountain of her, valleys and hills, crevasses and nooks and rivers, oh there’s a sweet sweet river of her. Like molten sun, like Helios headfirst so sweet like a peach and her sweat mixed together. Like the juiciest peach you’ve ever had, and I pose myself in the love of her. In whorls and moments of her body.

It is hard not to bite sometimes. I don’t know what that is, but it’s something I feel. I want to bite down hard on her and then cover her with cum. I don’t know, I want to own her in these moments. Her body is mine. I climb up to her face and jack myself off. She is in ecstasy at how dirty I am, and I am in ecstasy at the look of surprise and lewdness as my cum spurts onto her chin, near her eye, along her nose, and across her lips. I am amazed at how she’ll make scones later but for now her ass is slightly sore because I fingers it while I ate her pussy. We will go buy plants soon at the hardware store but right now is only about my ass clenched as hard as my teeth as the cum shoots out of my cock, onto her face, and the pillow surrounding her face.

Later she’ll talk to me about all the plants she wants to kill, but right now her tongue snakes out and licks me up. Her fingers spread my cum onto her fingertips and she is ravenous. I turn her over. Her face falls down against the pillow and my cum creates an outline of lust. Her face is still shiny with my cum as I ease my still hard cock into her ass. She gasps and grabs at my hips, but she doesn’t tell me no. She only has one word through gritted teeth that she could say anyway as I pummel her poor asshole with my cock. She just lays her head down, obedient, I fuck her harder, and she just…lets me.

What I think I am seeing sometimes is godliness. I pound into her till my muscles ache and her beautiful small smile is what eggs me on, and throws me into bouts of tenderness, as I slow down and fuck her ass she looks back at me and kisses me hard and I gasp and cum push my head against hers, trying to get her to hear my thoughts, again I cum inside her ass and she frowns and takes my cum in a grimace of salt on wound mixed with strawberries and cream.

Just the sweetest face as I fill her asshole with a second bout of good cum. She lays her head down and pants and soaks in my cum 

Soon we will fuck and dream and walk and learn.

But for today, let’s just remember the haze of pain as my rock hard cock slowly enters your ass and rests just there. Too much, deep different pain, and you feel when I cum. You can feel it along your anal ring, you can feel the underside of my cock pumping load after load of cum as I lay still and statue sprouting into you and how it feels when I slip out, and you jump a bit, and a bit of my cum drips out. Sweat trickles down my head onto your back. Your skin quivers and delights. 

You are so sexy covered in my semen. I don’t know what that is. But it feels empowering. As empowering as walking beside you, or doing projects together, or anything else that’s good.

We are good together and for each other. This is what I think. 

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