. finally .

Well, I have finally done it. I have broken through, given in, and joined the land of the living.
Day shift that is.
I’ve been wanting to get on days for a while, and had applied for multiple day shift positions in my unit that I didn’t get because I didn’t have enough seniority.
Well, finally, everybody that wanted to go to days with more seniority than me did, so I was next in line. Yay me!
It’s great and interesting being on days. I’m working full time for the first time ever as well, and even though I’m working more days in the month, (12 as opposed to my previous 8 days a month), I’ve actually found that I have more free time.
Why, you ask?
Well that would be because I’m not spending all that extra time sleeping. After my last night in a series of work nights, I would still have to sleep all day the next day. Just to be up for 6 or 8 hours, then go back to bed for the night.
I didn’t get much done other than a ballet class during that time. So other than that class, it would turn out to be a wasted day.
But no longer! Do I have to recover from my night shift the previous night.
No longer! Do I develop an apathetic attitude about going back to work after my nine days off, because I got so used to NOT going to work.
No longer! Do I feel like a dunce or like I don’t know what’s going on when I’m talking to families about their baby, because I wasn’t there for rounds, or the discussions with the doctors about the care plan for their child. They do all that stuff mostly during the day, so now I’m actually there for that and can relate to the parents the whole plan along with the thought process behind it.
I have become 200% smarter! Yay!
So what am I doing with all of this energy and time?
Well I am certainly filling it up.
Working on a theater project with my dear friend and brilliant director, Joyous.
Working on choreography, staging, and costuming which my ballet students will take to competition in March. Driving the 35 miles to my dance studio when I can to teach and work on the piece.
Participating in my tai chi teacher training workshops and going to class when I can. Currently doing a 100 day tai chi challenge… 30 minutes a day for 100 days.
Today I went to a popular and amazing dance center locally and took an awesome advanced modern class with a local living legend.
Cooking lots of vegetables, trying to eat healthy, and tonight… going to the ballet!
No, I’m not really very busy at all.
I love it!


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February 8, 2008

It’s nice to hear you so happy. <3

March 6, 2008

yay. when i stopped working third shift, i was like i can’t believe i did this for three+ years. i would never choose to do that again lol.