Who knows what shape this journal will take. I need an outlet for all this grief. I've been hiding from it even though it wraps around me like a blanket.
I haven't dealt with losing Woody. Not in any way that's healthy. And now I'm in a new relationship. Who knew, right? I'm in love.
A needed outlet for my passions and ponderings, my irks, ideas, and observations.
Maybe I'll get to know myself better and get out of this rut.

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Day 754: No Goodbye

September 19, 2022
ve never said goodbye to you. Not really. Not at all. This is not an attempt to do so. I pretend we are only separated for any generic reason. Like when I'd go tomy family's alone or you'd go to yours. When my protective mind allows the truth to slip in, I frantically cover the…
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