Hi there.
An aspiring writer here.
People call me Jay, and I'm a 28-year-old Irish lad.
I've been keeping diaries as a source of comfort and support since my early teens.
They've really saved me and kept me strong through some hellish times.

Once writing was about keeping a record and strengthening perspective on events, but as I progressed on paper, it had a deeper impact on me and allowed me to connect from deep within and touch on things from a soul level, with the view that I was addressing someone who is patient with me and understands my concerns.

This habit really helped me change into a better person and to get into the practice of using writing as a way to find more positives in my life, and while writing through challenging times, I knew I was never alone once I made sense of my troubles and could rationalise things.
The "Friend" I write to, is really the reader I connect with through the pages.

Please bear in mind that what I write is deeply personal stuff, and all those relating to my life and the events which have happened are from one perspective (my own), and everyone's names mentioned have been changed, etc.

The goal is not to "show" who is right and who is wrong, but to connect from the core of my true feelings, and reveal a part of me I never get to share with people in everyday life.
Writing kind of puts things into perspective, and allows time to pause and think.
Writing truly is about healing for me, and finding my voice.

My story is only side of things, and seeking my inner-truth...
I would always encourage people to seek out theirs and try and live their best life. Problems can really be a chance to rebuild and start anew.

Writing always encourages me to think a new direction about things, and to correct stubborn habits.

So, I invite you to walk with me through this journey, and hopefully some things we touch on might be relevant in serving your own life and such.

I'm very much of the belief that we are more in touch and connected at a soul level than we give credit.
The spirit is a timeless force, connected and felt collectively the same within.

Thanks for being here.


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