Hi there stranger.
I'm Kacper, almost Vegan, but not quite.
I hope to take you with me on my journey...

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January 10, 2021
Today I saw a video on YouTube. I'm always on YouTube, I learn a lot from YouTube. I learnt photography and digital marketing from YouTube. YouTube can also be fun, a lot. Everything's on YouTube. Back to the video. In the video, a guy was talking about how we are supposedly in some sort of…
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  • Asset 6
    January 8, 2021
    Alone with my thoughts Alone in The darkness No one to share in my plight Isolated in this hamlet Alone as I fought, To rid me of the sadness Alone in my night Alone in the silence I pray this gloom fades away Like a puff of smoke As I exhale And release the toke.
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  • Asset 6
    Bitten By Midges
    January 2, 2021
    #TOTW85 - If I Could Relive One Event In My Life It Would Be: The day I was Bitten By Midges. It was Saturday morning and I was free to do whatever I wanted. I was at the point in my life where I just had myself to love and few bottles of my favorite…
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