well, my name is sam, im am a sixteen years old girl and i really like the 90s.
im really into vintage stuff, am in love with old rock bands, especially nirvana, and love the style of the late 90s.
i guess i seem like a cringy girl that wants to be special and maybe i am but i really am different and my head is full of thoughs.
idk if i will post every day or every week but i guess this website is worth a try

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May 6, 2018
I am so tired, my head is hurting but still, I have scedules to do. I hate school, I hate the stress they put us into. I can't understand why they would put all the tests and mid-finals into two weeks, this is so stressful and they won't understand I feel like they want to…
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    May 6, 2018
    well, its ten to 12 rn and idk what i am doning. I'm dancing at the moment (not right now but in general) and I don't know i want to be productive and im not tired enough to sleep. I guess i will watch stranger things for now, its realy interesting but I wish i'd…
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