first entry

well, its ten to 12 rn and idk what i am doning. I’m dancing at the moment (not right now but in general) and I don’t know i want to be productive and im not tired enough to sleep. I guess i will watch stranger things for now, its realy interesting but I wish i’d know how will could escape the shadows.

i also wish to know how people learn to escape their shadows. There’s so much hate in this word, i hate the fact that there is so much sadness and helplessness. I whished everybody could just learn how to accept people who are different, like people who identefy themselves with another gender or have another sexuality than others, or people who have a different nationality or skin color. I whish people would just get to live their lives without being hurt or discriminated by other people.
It would be so much easier if everybody would just let other people live as long they aren’t doing bad things to other people or the society.

my mind is full, i guess i will continue this later.. Good night and sleep well!

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May 6, 2018

Welcome to Open Diary! I hope this is a good place for you to find those answers.

May 7, 2018

@thediarymaster thanks, hehe