Tough times don’t last forever, tough people do.

Today is just one of those days. I have a lot on my mind, too much for me to process. I’m in a situation where I’m head to head with a major decision. Being that I have to decide to let go of certain people that have been holding me back for a long time, or just continue to fix things with all of my energy and deal with toxicity (family). I have been in a dark place for while, since my dad passed away in February of this year. Everything is so fresh, but I have been experiencing a lot of self realization, which vital for me right now. I have finally found motivation, which I have been lacking due to me not feeling like myself. I’ve been highly depressed and not expressing how I feel like I normally do. On top of that, my number one supporter (MY DAD) Is gone and I feel like that little bit of guidance that I did have is now gone. I have been trying not to spiral, but it’s so hard to take control of my life. Change is inevitable, but the biggest question is, Am I ready to experience that on my own and let go of what I already have been conditioned to?

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