Thursday 5/16/24

5:35a.m. Boy was I ever mad last night.  I’m ok now. I’m still disappointed about the gift card but that is life. I guess I have to be content with what I have. And they might come through today, who knows?   

I had a good night with no weird dreams. They changed me at least twice last night. It looks like I’m up for good. 

7:06a.m.  I’m dressed and in my wheelchair already. I had good aide. She gave me a nice sponge bath, changed my briefs and got me dressed. So I received good care  this morning . I’m still disappointed about the gift card but at least I’m getting decent care. I guess that’s the important thing. 

I was talking with  Chocolatechip. Misery Towers is having inspection on June 6. She is getting ready for it. Chocolatechip always keeps her apartment clean and orderly. But she wants to go over everything to be on the safe side. Failure to pass inspection could result in eviction. 

I was talking about how mad I was last night. I said I’m ok now. Chocolatechip said I might get it today. I’ll believe that when I have it in my big fat hands. I was counting on that card I said and going by what I was told. She said I don’t blame you one bit. J guess that is life, a long series of disappointments. 

We talked about different things until they served breakfast. I had two biscuits with gravy. They were pretty good. The coffee was nice and hot , the oj cold.  

I’m going to forget about the gift card. No sense in dwelling on it. I have plenty of books to read . I probably have enough books to last the rest of my life . Life is good.    

8:44a.m. YAY! I just got my $80 Amazon Gift card! I bought five books already!. I’m one happy old fart! ! I was talking to Chocolatechip about this. I said I’m glad I didn’t yell at anyone last night. I do all my venting on Open Diary. I also said it looked like I wasted all that angst for nothing. I’m so glad I kept my cool. . 

10:20a.m. I am so happy today. I made it to the coffee social. I had one cup of coffee and did a little reading. I’m back in my room now. I talked with Chocolatechip. She went downtown to the bank and the old M&B to get smokes. She said things went well. She was s doing laundry  when we talked. SheI said she was tired and needed something to eat. We just talked for a few minutes.   

I bought the following books this  morning. A two volume boxed set on Ulysses S Grant Grant Takes Command and Grant Moves South by Bruce Catton. Lincoln’s Lieutenants and Landscapes Turned Red by Stephen W Sears. Then I bought a new book by David Baldacci Calamity of Souls I think the total came to $40.25 I’m going to enjoy reading these books. Life is good. 

I got today’s menu while at the Fiesta Room. For lunch they are serving  chicken and cheese quesadilla, fiesta corn and mandarin oranges. For supper I am having spaghetti,a salad, dinner roll and a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.  Two good meals to look forward too. Life is good.

12:10p.m. I bought three more books. Unfinished Love Story: A Personal History of the 1960s by Doris Kearns Goodwin and two books by Theodore White Making of the President 1964 and 1968. I have three books in the  Making of the President series. I got to thinking I better spend the gift card money  before somebody steels the card.

I’m in the Fiesta Room for lunch. It was pretty good.  I think I’ll stay here and read for awhile I’ve been trying to read in my room but there have been too many interruptions. Also, I’ve been too excited over getting the gift card and buying more books. I’m having a hell of a time concentrating. Maybe a change of scenery will do me some good.

1:24p.m. I settled myself down and finished reading Chapter 11 of Gettysburg. Then I went back to my room. I called Chocolatechip. She was busy cleaning for inspection. She swept the floors and was dusting furniture. I said I spent all my gift card money on books except for $2 she said that was a good idea.

Chocolatechip is in full blown inspection mode. She plans on doing a room a day even though inspection is three weeks away. She also wants to go over the kitchen appliances. She said the frig and oven look good but she wants them to sparkle. Chocolatechip always takes inspection very seriously.

I’m still very happy. I bought a total of eight books today. Hard to believe I spent almost $80 on books. I can’t help myself. Buying books makes me happy. Reading them makes me happier. So I feel I mustk of died and gone to heaven.

4:40p.m. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I finished Chapter 12 of Gettysburg . This was about the artillery bombardment of the Union center on July 3. The idea was to soften up the Federal lines before George Pickett could make his famous charge. It didn’t work and the charge was a disaster. The Confederate defeat on the 3rd day was the major turning point in the Civil War.  

I’m all set to read Chapter 13 tonight. But it is a very long chapter. I can’t put down this book. But I know I won’t be able to finish this chapter tonight. I hate to stop in the middle. Still. I’ll give it a go after I eat supper and talk to Chocolatechip.  I’ll read until I get sleepy.

This has been a wonderful day. I was telling Chocolatechip I wish I could spend $80 on books everyday. Also, I didn’t get bloated or sick when I ate. I got the care I needed in a timely manner. I didn’t have any major incontinence or bm episodes. I did a lot of reading in my book. This turned out to be a great day! And it ain’t over until the fat man sings!

6:32p.m. The spaghetti I had for supper was good. It didn’t make me sick or bloated. It came with a salad but I’m not a fan of doing a salad. I had a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. That was delicious. 

I talked with Chocolatechip after I ate.  I went on how great a day I had. I said I must be addicted to buying books. The very act of buying books online does something to my brain chemicals. For I felt on top of the world all day long. I really must be addicted to books because it does give me a rush, especially when I can afford to spend $80. 

Then I said I might not buy books if they go Walmart shopping next month. I’d like to build up my account to $100. Then I will go hog wild. I have more than enough books to last all summer almost. I read three or four books a month I said. S far I read 16 books this year. My goal is 30 for 2024. 

Chocolatechip started talking about my credit card debt. I owe Capital One $2000. I’m ashamed to say I maxed out that card. More than 90% of that went on books. I don’t know what got into me. I was always very responsible with finances. Then I got a Kindle and a credit card. What in God’s name was I thinking?    

Well, we had a nice chat about that. She started talking about inspection. Chocolatechip said the Housing Authority is going to hold inspections every month. I said they must be cracking down with new security guards and monthly inspections. Chocolatechip said she was worried about passing this year. I said you always pass because you’re very clean. Still it is a very stressful process. 

7:41p.m. I’m in bed now. I’m glad to be off the hoyer pad. I’ve been sitting on it for twelve hours. It wasn’t too bad today though because it didn’t hurt. In fact,I told the aide I had such a good time day I hated to see it end. I still feel wired up. I’ll no doubt be up late reading. I’m going to try and stay up until midnight. I want to finish one more chapter. 

I’m almost finished with Gettysburg. I think I can get her done tomorrow if I can finish one more chapter. I think this is a great book. I will give it another five star rating. I’m still on a Civil War kick so my next book will be To the Gates of Richmond by Stephen W Sears. This one is about the Peninsula campaign of 1862. 

Well, back to my book

9:44p.m. I’m starting to get that tired and wired feeling. I can’t settle myself but I’m getting sleepy at the same time. Trust me ,this is not a good place to be. I want to fall asleep but I’m still very excited. I don’t want to pull an all nighter but it looks like I’m headed back in that direction. Damn me. Wish I could just go to 


This is me after being up since 5:30.

















































































































































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May 16, 2024

I’m still hoping you get your gift card. Glad your briefs were changed two times last night. I’m up for good too.

May 16, 2024

@wildrose_2  Thanks but I’ll believe it when I see it

May 16, 2024

So happy to read your update!  Yay for getting the gift card and being able to buy books.  How wonderful is that!  You had a fantastic day and that makes me happy.  Now, I hope you will be able to calm down and sleep well tonight.  Try your best.

4 weeks ago

Hey Bear – So happy they came through and you got your gift card. What a wait! Thanks for posting the photo – you’re looking good!