Wednesday 12/6/23

9:43a.m. I’m having a lousy morning thanks to arthrits. Pain is all over my body . It is a five on my one to five scale. I also have been getting very bad muscle spasms in my left knee. It hurts like hell. I am one miserable old fart.

1:04p.m. I’m feeling a little bit better. My left knee still hurts like hell though. Lunch helped. I ate two BBQ pork sandwiches and two peanut butter cookies for dessert. I also had my coffee and an orange punch. Then they put me to bed and changed my briefs. I’m glad to be back in bed.

I’m going to read this afternoon. I want to concentrate on my NIV Study Bible. I failed to read it yesterday. I just was not feeling well thanks to arthritis. 

6:56p.m. I read a little bit from my Bible. Altogether I did an hours worth of reading. They say sleep is good for arthritis. I slept most of the afternoon. Surprisingly, I feel better. I’m still getting muscle spasms in my knee but not as frequent. I ate a bit of meatloaf for dinner. I didn’t have much of an appetite.

Chocolatechip had some good news today. She is getting a caregiver. Then new person will start next Tuesday between 11-1. She qualifies for four hours a day. I’m glad things are looking up for her. She got her apartment sprayed and now she is getting much needed help.

 I saw two doctors today. I saw the psych doc in the morning. Interview didn’t go very well. I was in a lot of pain then. She asked about the depression. I said it has been bad the last few days because of arthritis. She asked how was Thanksgiving. I said it was just another day. Maybe Christmas will be better she said. I said my girlfriend will be coming for a t next week. She said that will be great. She asked what I’ve been reading. I’m still on the Dark Tower novels plus I started to read the Bible. She  if I read the Bible before I said yes. Then she let me go because I was getting bad muscle spasms.

The second doctor was my med doc. I was telling her about the arthritis pain. On a scale of 1-10. I rated the pain a 10. I also said I had a lot of pain in passing gas and making a bm. This interview didn’t last long at all. I think I went back to sleep after it was over.

This has been one miserable day. I am feeling better. Arthritis pain isn’t as bad. I hope I can sleep better tonight. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.











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December 7, 2023

So sorry to hear this, Bear. Did the med doctor offer any meds or physical therapy to help with the arthritis pain?

December 7, 2023

@ravdiablo No new meds. I had PT before but it wasn’t much help