Erogenously Speaking

It’s like my mind gets one track minded n my thoughts spin erotically out of control. I have an uncontrollable desire to watch a woman get phuked. I don’t consider myself bi-sexual but I will participate as long as a man is involved. It’s a turn on for me. I have no desire to only be with another woman…I’m not lezbien. I think women are beautiful n sexxi creatures but I can’t get off just being with a woman. Sure a woman has the ability to arouse me but she doesn’t have the follow thru I need in order for me to truly come to orgasm…only a man has that ability to tingle my erogenous button and bring me to orgasm. 

I’ve often wondered what category of freak I can be labeled with?

I really don’t know but what I do know is my mind is off the richter scale 

The only label I identify with is the label of..


Welcome to my Freaky Mind…it’s of the sexual Kind 


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