Can’t drive 1400 miles on a donut!?

UGH! Crap! F***!!?!?! and  a LOT of other words i am not supposed to say…

I finally figured out the tracking number for my rims.. how? you ask.  well the guy used his company name to ship them so when UPS told me, i conviently googled it and called there.. it worked..

however as usual it seems, the tracking is a bit delayed in the UPS system, and it doesn’t even show the packages as being picked up yet!?!?!!!! although they are scheduled to be delivered by tomorrow, and were picked up yesterday acccording to the guy.  I am soooooo frustrated!!!  I am leaving the day after tomorrow and there is still a freakin’ donut on my car! 

We tried to call junk yards and just buy 2 MORE stupid rims to put on, but no one has them..

so i guess either they come in.. (please cross all you got that crosses!!) or I will have to take the truck…

i guess i’ll see what happens..

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June 29, 2010

Good luck!

June 29, 2010

ugh. you know, every vacation has at least one hiccup, no matter how well you plan. hopefully this is yours and the rest is smooooth sailing!