So I promise my next entry won’t be just wedding babble, but a lot has progressed since i’ve last wrote..

Charles and I have set a wedding date.. (no, no official ring yet, but it’ll be coming.. next month.. lol) It’s on layaway at Kay’s.. no i have no idea why i KNOW this already.. but i do, it’s ok.. i’m still just as excited about getting married as i would be with a surprise proposal.,. anyway, i have no idea how he’s going to give me the ring.. so that part will  be a surprise…

and.. because i’m home, bored, and obsessed! lol! i have made a bunch of preliminary decisions for the wedding.. like my dress!!!!  and venue, and colors, and bridesmaid/flowergirl dresses/cake/ theme….

so here’s the fun stuff!

my gown! with the link to it on David’s bridal… it’s so simple, and gorgeous, comfortable and fitting to my theme of white/aqua and cleam lines.. LOVE!!


Jr. Bridesmaid
for Alyssa
Flower girls.. maya, paige hailey
i got these (yes, on ebay for a steal, and they claim that they are an exact match to the David’s bridal pool color i’m using.. so everybody pray with me…

the venue..
where our ceremony will be..

sorry guys, but i have to run, so this is a to be continued…

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July 21, 2010

Wow you’re bridesmaids dresses are beyond beautiful!

July 21, 2010


July 21, 2010

Such awesome news!!

July 22, 2010

Weddings are seriously stalking me, lol! It almost, ALMOST, makes me want to do it again…oh who am I kidding, of course I want to, damnit. Love the dress, for sho!