the continuation…

so the wedding venue… I am so in love with it I can’t take it… here are a few pictures…

the ceremony will take place here….

i will try to steal a few pics from the website, but i think it’s going to be a pain, so i’ll give you the link too…

the photo of the gazebo is where our ceremony will take place.. and the one that says "restaurant view" is actually the view from our reception room!  they recently changed up the restaurant to a room where they also do receptions!  I love, love, love. ADORE the water and am so freakin excited to marry my man in such a special place!!!!!

here’s one of the gazebo where the ceremony will be…. *sigh* i am so in love it’s insane!!! i really can’t tell you how exstatic i am to have our wedding right here on the river!! LOVE IT!!!!! (it’s the niagara river for those who aren’t local.. ) 

hmmm what else have i planned already…

our programs will double as hand fans for the guests..  i think i’m going to go with a simple paddle style.. like these…these are print your own variety, which will be what we do, because it will save oodles of money…

speaking of doing things early i hit the most amazing deal at "Ollie’s bargain outlet" for print your own invitation kits, which in my opinion are pretty overpriced seeing asyou are doing the printing.. anyway,, i got all our print your own invites for….. wait for it……. $10!!!!!!!!!

Each box which made 50 invite was only $5 bucks!!!!  when i went online to download the templates.. the retail price was $32.95 each, so i saved over $50 bucks!!!! woo-hoo!!!!

i’ll try to find a pic to post…these are them, except ours have a silver rings/ border, and wll be printed in aqua ink… simple and easy, but i’m not too particular about invites anyway, i’m just glad to save that expense…

ok i’ve bored you enough for one day.. =)

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July 22, 2010

ooo love the invites and the fan idea =o)

July 22, 2010

So cool and so exciting! After being married once I don’t think I want to got through that all again. But looking at all of this you never know.

July 22, 2010

love the location and WOW, you always find great deals!

July 22, 2010

very nice 🙂 this plan has all come together so quickly and cohesively. if the teacher thing doesn’t work out, be a wedding planner!