ramblings of a sleepy girl.

For the last week or so, I was really in a mood, or am really in a mood.. not sure..

I know part of it was PMS, and more than that, I think I’m becoming a bit depressed again.. which makes it all the more important for me to find myself and the girls some health insurance… like, buy Wednesday!  eeek!  Yeah, i need it to pay for my anti-anxiety medication, or i will have to go off of it, and i really don’t think that would be a wise idea.  So that is on the agenda for Monday.  I *should* be able to get us all on some state-funded insurance pretty quickly without too much of a hassle.. so cross your fingers for us.

I also found a couple, i.e. 2, maybe 3, jobs that i can apply to.  One is for a school similar to Wyndham Lawn.  They are looking for someone who is certified both in science and special education.  I’m not special ed. certified, but if they have trouble finding a candidate with both of those, I would definitely be the next best thing with my experience.   So that one is definitely a bit promising.  Another one is being a science education laison between the Buffalo Zoo and one of the Buffalo Public Schools (the science magnet school.)  It sounds like so much fun!!! And I am totally qualified based on their posting, however, it is to work with little kids, grades K-2, and all my experience is with high school/middle school students, but we’ll see.  I’d love to work for the Zoo!!

Anyway, back to the depression, i just thin it’s because i haven’t been exactly consistant taking my medication this summer,and this whole lay off thing.. well, i’m just trying to roll with it, but honestly, I’m concerned.. I just hope that I can find something soon.. because although, i can sub, it isn’t really too viable an option for the long term.

I’m also going to start, once again *sigh*, to look for positions down south, because, honestly, teaching here is just too unstable.. i think i’m reaching my breaking point..

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August 29, 2010

Aw, I know how it feels when everything piles up. Try to be consistent with taking your meds, that’s how they work best. *HUGS*

August 31, 2010

Hope you can get back to feeling better!

August 31, 2010

I get down about it too looking for a job..Like no one is going to hire someone right out of school. Everything says you need experience, well crap I got to start some where. It is depressing..The whole process.

January 1, 2011

RYN: Yes, she was placed with family.

January 7, 2011