wedding daydreams…

ok so i’m not engaged yet.. officially anyway,,  BUT i do have a feeling that it is coming in the not-so-distant future.. so i’ve been daydreaming about what i would want the day to be like.. and here it was i’ve found..

Colors – Aqua blue (known as POOL on the David’s website) and silver

Theme – stars

Bridesmaid dresses.. 

link since it won’t let me post a bigger pic here.. but here is the small pic..

this is the color..and this is a bigger picture so you can see the dress better..

this but with silver stars, and the aqua ribbon at the bottom of the layers..

Location:  I wanted to do the beaver island clubhouse, for those of you that are familiar with the area but it is super expensive, so i *think* we would go to the same place my cousin Jenn had her wedding, because we want it tobe outdoors and not too overly pricey.. and we would have the ceremony and reception right there..

Flowers: maybe something like this but aqua flowers and that silver star wire garland-y stuff..
maybe hydrangeas?but they would need to be way more aqua than that!

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July 11, 2010

Stars were my wedding theme too. We had a black fondant cake with various shades of purple stars cascading down it. Our colors were black and purple.

July 11, 2010

Love it! I’m not engaged either but I love going on the and planning things! I like colbolt blue bridesmaids dresses with hot pink flowers.

July 11, 2010


July 11, 2010

I love stars, as you can tell from my foot, heheh 🙂

July 12, 2010

Stars are mah favorite!!! Love it all!

July 12, 2010

i love all of these ideas! the dresses are great, and unlike most of the ones you see, they really COULD be worn again for something else.

July 12, 2010

LOVE that cake!!