The Census and a Good Tech Support Story

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This is the 06  Day of 2010

With a new decade comes the torment of… The Census!  This will be the second sensus I’ve taken part in as part of the head of a household.  And while I understand the reasons behind having it I’ve got to tell you I’m not looking forward to it one bit.

Four years ago I opened the door to some nosey parker doing a random survey about how people eat.  This lady kept coming by at random asking questions and calling and it was just weird.
And now the news tells me starting in March strangers armed with long lists of questions will be unleashed and coming to a door near you!

Now like I said I’ve dealt with these census takers before and it wasn’t bad but now I don’t answer the door if I’m here with the kids and Larry is gone. and I’m not the hea of this house. Larry is, he’s the guy and that’s just how we roll. LOL

So these census, oh dear hope I haven’t been spelling it census and sensus through htis..  Any way these folks will be out with their nosey parker questions and I’m not looking forward to it.  I already have to answer enough nosey questions from the likes of the student loan people and social security and medicaide. Now as these folks are either working with me or providing me with a service I can directly see the results of, i.e. SSI check and medical coverage and keeping my loans out of default, I don’t mind answering the questions.  In the case of that nosey parker food woman and the only other census I took part in thought, I didn’t really see any usefulness although I do think it is cool that in a hundred years when people look at the census records I will be one of the numbers listd. If it says 12345678 number of people, I” be one of those peole and without me the 8 would be a 7. See?

In other news. I had a very good dealing with tech support of a blogging software I use.  The program is called MarsEdit.  It lets you write up blo posts from your Mac and then post them all in one go.  Both my blogspot accounts are updated this way and honestly I couldn’t tell you how to post from the web because I always do it via MarsEdit.

I was oing some reading about blogs and desktop editors and I got to wondering if I could edit Opendiary with MarsEdit.  Nothing against OD, generally I find them to be accessible enough to get one read, note, write, but MarsEdit works ver well with my screen access programs, VoiceOver and Zoom and I’d love to be able to just post everything both to blogspot and here with one program.

I found the "contact us" info and shot off an Email to what I figured were techsupport zombies or robots and thought I’d not hear anything back.

The next day, yesterday, not only did I hear back, I heard back from THEEEEEE guy who is in charge of programing MarsEdit. He was very nice and has Emailed the folks here at OD to see if something can’t be done. He’s never heard of open diary before but is willing to look into it.

God I love the Mac community!  It is stuff like this.  A. Apple has made accessibility easy to build into programs which make it easy for third party developers to make their stuff accessible right ot of the box, or the DMG download.  If you have a problem with a software most developers are more than happy to try and fix whatever your issue is and they treat you like a person not some faceless ticket. I is very cool and I keep on finding reasons why I’m glad I switched oer to the Mac…

On the subject of blogs, I’ve been keeping up my food diary but need to offload the photos and do a write up of this first week of my new lifestyle. I’m thinking I’ll upload a week’s worth of photo food diary an entry every Saturday.  For foods I eat the same of every day I’m just going to reuse the same picture. There are only so many ways you can photograph a dish of special K and milk and OJ. LOL Stock photography.

For dinner tonight it is going to be grilled fish and steamed green beens… Yummmmmmmm.




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January 6, 2010

Sorry for typeos. Was trying to write this and keep an eye on two toddlers. Benjie loves computers and kept trying to mash buttons.