July 24th 2006 (4:00am)

No commentary on this one either. Enjoy!



I have the house to myself right now, but I’m just sitting outside writing, wanting to call people and about to have a cigarette. Nothing much to write.

Well, Vampyre and I started a gang and we call ourselves the “Swamp Angels”. To join you have to take a cigarette burn on your arm. Heh, my idea.

I guess I’ll go now, peace out,



And with that, I say good night. More to come.

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August 30, 2019

Sounds like a painful way to join a gang, but at least you weren’t engaging in some of the initiations that some people engage in to join a gang (i.e. killing an innocent person).

August 30, 2019


Nah, we never wanted to kill anyone. We were more or less interested in protecting people. Sort of like an “anti-gang”, as it were.

In regards to “the burn” eventually it became mandatory to renew your burn scar every other month. After about 12 years, my scar is still there, but pretty faded.