I’ve never been one that celebrates Valentine’s day maybe when I was a kid at school and you could send out roses and heart shaped balloons. When I was a teen I hated Valentine’s because I used seat at school looking at all the popular girls get like a million roses and I would get nothing. (I wasn’t a very popular girl). So Valentine’s wasn’t my thing. I never cared much if had someone to be with during the celebration. I only spent one Valentine’s 15 years ago crying my eyes out the WHOLE fucking day. I cried, ate chocolate, hugged a teddy bear my dad gave me as a valentine’s gift and watched A Walk To Remember. I was crying because, my now husband, wouldn’t love me. Next year we were together and he gave a conmemorative t-shirt for the superbowl, Colts had won, it was an amazing gift. That was the last year we did something on Valentine’s, we love each other endearly and we say that every day we’ve never felt the need to celebrate the day.

Today I woke up to a box of chocolates placed carefully on my husband’s pillow.

“Aww, you got me chocolates” I said half asleep and half panicking.

“I did, happy valentine’s” he went closer and placed a sweet kiss on my lips.

“I got you nothing,” I smiled.

“It’s ok, we can share,” I smiled back.


Now, how’s that for a sweet Valentine’s day?

That’s all for now.

See  you around, everybody!

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February 15, 2018

I call it “Forced Affection Day” It is so hard on both men and women.

February 15, 2018

@altair true. I just don’t feel like doing the hearts and chocolates and balloons and all that.