Hello From Accra (4/18/18)

Hello Darling,

I haven’t heard from you, so am HOPING you got my last message and pictures I sent over. I don’t recall if I told you I was planning a second trip, but I arrived yesterday (4/17) in Accra, Ghana (took me almost a day of travel via 2 plane rides to get here). It would have been hard for Marie to have me back in The Gambia to visit, so quickly especially, after a long visit without having people really question what was going on and wondering – so, she suggested Ghana after we realized that Singapore would be way too expensive, overall. There are only a handful of countries that she can go to without a Visa. She’s planning on staying here for a couple weeks after me, so she can go to Nigeria for a week and do some buying here of items to resell in The Gambia. I’m trying to be as supportive as possible of her finding ways to earn money that make sense – and her love of reselling makes me very happy. LOL She and I are two peas in a pod regarding that concept.

I’m super tired, and Marie took off for the Mall, where we went to yesterday, to pick up some essentials, such as SIM cards for her two phones so that we can order Uber drivers. Yes, Uber is here. Lots of Uber drivers, as I understand it. My internet is sketchy on roaming (and expensive at $10/day), and the wifi in the apartment I’m renting us is very, very slow on social media applications on the phone (but works great on my Chromebook – go figure). I don’t know when she’s coming back, so I’m doing things like Laundry, and writing to you. LOL

I’m not quite sure what to make of Accra, yet. People yesterday were staring at me like I have 5 horns growing out of my head in different neon colors. It is literally like Tallahassee, FL back in ‘94 when I moved there. It’s hot, muggy, and a different world, and not in a wonderful way like The Gambia was. The people there are some of the kindest I’ve ever met – and Marie told me that was the case. That’s how Portland was growing up (and still is, to a degree). Oregonians are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line and I hope you’re doing well. I need to properly respond, still, to your previous letters, and I do apologize for not doing a better job of that.

Your 41st is coming up soon, and I hope that you can have some kind of personal celebration, if nothing else, of achieving another year in age (there is something to be said for that, you know).

I send you my love, and do catch up with me soon, eh? I’m here until May 11th, and will be back in Oregon on the 12th, tentatively. Love You!


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