The problem with dating Narcissists I

The problem with dating narcissists is not that they’re manipulative or super-selfish. If you grew up with manipulative and selfish parents, then you can handle that kinda energy because it feels like home. If you grew up being the helper then dating someone who constantly takes won’t feel like a big deal. In fact, that’s what you will need to do in order to feel loved. The problem with dating a narcissists is that they suck you dry and leave you without a warning. They discard you like a cigarette out the window while driving down a long highway and there’s no one around to care. Because you are a replaceable object to them. You as you doesn’t exist to a narcissist. Because he never knew the real you to begin with. He will never make the effort to discover your true likes and dislikes because he doesn’t care. And any attempts to find out will fail drastically, he will always mix something up. He can’t pay attention for that long.



look out for my next narcissist series tomorrow!

It’s analyzing the parts where you try to pin-point, when did he stop giving a fuck? Only to come back to full circle of the answer being Never.



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