Adding FaceBook Friends

On Thursday, April 16, 2009, I posted this status message in my FaceBook profile: It hurts when people you add to your Friends List do not add you back or they remove you, especially when they have your Friends on their list. I’m sorry if I did anything to bother, irritate, offend, or make anyone hate, not like, or not want to communicate with me.

I then changed the Wall option to Friends of Friends. I really hope those on FB, including some of you, do not get fed up or upset at my deleting and posting it multiple times, because they took away the option to edit status messages, giving me no choice, but to delete and repost if I want to edit it.

Since I first signed up at FB in October, 2008, I’ve been finding and adding people I know.  I’m glad some of you and others found and added me.  Thanks! However, there were quite a few people I added, but didn’t add me back.  That really hurt, especially when they have my FB Friends, including some of you, on their Friends List.  It makes me feel rejected and left out, and I start to fear that I did something wrong to cause them to hate or not like me.  On Thursday, I suddenly discovered that someone who had added me back in October removed me, which made me feel worse.  All this makes me think that my family as well as some past classmates, teachers, and professors are right about me being a bad person with too much time.  Their complaints also start ringing through my head.

If I did anything you didn’t like, I apologize.  I’m sorry if I take any of you for granted.  Things are busy, and it’s hard to keep track of everything.

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