CA Acupuncture Board Exam Results

Since the middle of August, 2007, I began checking my mailbox everyday for the results on the CA Acupuncture Board exam.  When I still hadn’t received the bad news by Friday, September 7, I called the State Board, and the person who answered said that they mailed the letters of results and instructions on what to do the day before.

On Monday September 10, I received the letter, but it wasn’t what the person on the phone told me.  It said that the results will be delayed because of a possible security breach in the exam.  I then called the State Board again, and they said that they are still investigating the problem.  They also informed us that if we have to retake the exam, we would not have to pay the $550 registration fee, and they will take care of some of the things for us.  Still, it would so much stress and hassle, especially for Southern CA candidates.  That made me hate the CA Acupuncture Board more and more, not just for their unreasonable ways of administration, but also their irresponsibility.

While at school on Saturday, October 6, 2007, I heard that the exam results arrived, but they hadn’t reached my mailbox before I left.  All the people who had told me about the results said that they passed or heard that someone passed.  Between classes and during class breaks, I could not stop thinking about the bad news waiting for me in my mailbox.

After classes, I rushed back to my apartment to find the envelope from the CA Acupuncture Board.  I nervously opened it, afraid to look at the bad news.  To my surprise, I had passed, and must apply for the CA Acupuncture License.  They also included a letter saying that the investigation was complete, and they found no security breach.  Phew! I was glad I didn’t have to undergo all that studying, traveling, and testing again, and could now be a licensed acupuncturist.

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October 9, 2007

WAY TO GO!!! I knew you’d do fine. CONGRATS! Luv & Hugs

yay!! I knew you’d rocked that biatch 🙂

October 9, 2007


It was just me being a huge nerd about the new the Radiohead album that they released online on the 10th, entitled “In Rainbows” 🙂

October 13, 2007