Harry Potter Day at Disneyland

I hadn’t planned on participating in the scavenger hunt for Harry Potter Day at Disneyland on November 4, 2012, but got talked into it.  They had a plot focused on Yensids School of Socery and Necromancy, a wizarding school in America.

I was randomly sorted into Rickett House, and we met in the same location as Dashwood.  The other two Houses, Willowdell and Grizcom, met at a different location.  We had to find staff members who were dressed as Harry Potter characters and answer two questions from them.  The correct answer on the first question earned us a clue to the solution of the problem.  The second questions were hard, and the prize was a galleon.  Locating the staff members themselves were difficult, and the clues were vague.

I think another purpose of the game was to have us explore the theme park.  I also met some friends.  We had to turn in our materials by 6:30 P.M., but I didn’t stay until 8:00 P.M. when they reveled the answers to the riddles.

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