There is never enough time

I want more time to write. I often think to myself, especially when I see the payment for OD clear my bank, “damn I should really be writing about this” or “it’d feel so much better if I could take time to write.” But right now I’m investing in me. My internships are going well. I’m helping some great organizations do some amazing work for local girls and LGBTQI youth. My grades are still going great. Classes are frustrating but I’m doing fine. I have a professor who makes me feel uncontrollably insecure. I usually connect, one way or another, with my professors. I’m usually closer in age to them. I usually grasp the material quite quickly and am told I have great insights into topics but this professor seems to just be so blase toward her students. I’m not in the major that she teaches but I’m in the college of urban and public affairs which is the umbrella college that she teaches in. So it’s not like I’m just some random taking this class for no reason student. But she has no desire to connect, no desire to mentor other students, and many students complain that she acts as though she is far above her students. It’s an odd feeling because I haven’t encountered an instructor like that since I was in 6th grade. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Work is freaking amazing. I mean I’m just a library and computer lab attendant BUT I get to have co-workers, make friends, have a place to get schoolwork done and it helps me not hate myself so much.


To be continued….just noticed the time and I must change shifts from the library down to the lab. Until next time…..whenever that may be.

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November 8, 2018

Glad that your work is going so well!