Coke Zero and a sore hip…

Well, it is almost 10:30am on Easter Sunday… or just Sunday… whatevs. I am wondering something… are there many furs on OD? If you don’t know what a fur or furry is, here is an explanation. I am one although I don’t dress up cos I don’t own a costume. But I can tell you about my fursona, she is a rabbit, a grey one, and she wears hoodies and cats eye glasses much like I do. She is not a big bun, but short in stature. When I get my new iPad and iPencil, I will show you all what she looks like.

Are you surprised that I’m a fur? Don’t be. 🙂

Anyways, I am just thinking about doing a voice post like Todd @ihavenoarms does, I think I’ll do it after lunch. It will be a sort of podcast thingy… if you are not turned off by hella amounts of TMI, my sister Bees talking in baseball terms or Julie acting crazy for no reason (I’m guilty of this too!) then, do look forward to that. 🙂 I am keenly interested in that stuff… and if you hear cars going by, well my street is a side street, they will do that a lot… like right now! LOL.

I am also listening to a nightcore version of Nicki Minaj’s “Hey Mama!”

I blame Pinky for getting me into that. (lol)

Well.. g2g. 🙂


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3 weeks ago

Oh boy!  I can’t wait to hear your voice post!  I really liked Todd’s!

3 weeks ago

@wildrose_2 See my new post.

3 weeks ago

I’m always slightly jealous of all y’all. The costumes are AMAZING and it has to be so freeing!

Have a good day!

3 weeks ago

@gilraent_1 Being a fur is the best. 🙂

3 weeks ago

@cemeterydawn If you do a podcast, or.. whatever (I’m never on OD anymore despite trying hard to change that) if you could let me know that would be fantastic 🙂

3 weeks ago

@gilraent_1 Duly noted. 🙂 I just returned to OD.