That’s an AI art piece I created, somewhere… it’s a gothic Taylor Swift lol…

Um… I just heard someone close by scream something unintelligible. Eh. I guess the neighborhood is really going *poof!* I hope to get some financial relief from D sometime soon. Thank God too. Cos I need it. 🙂 I have to pay A, and Maman who will order me some collapsible clothing bags, and Techbuy as well, for the repairs of the 3DS XL. Everything has a cost I guess. 😮

Anyways, I’m above the dirt as Bear @bear70 would say. That’s good. I’m not sure what the temps will be like today, it’s already 12c and sunny but it feels cooler. No doubt that it will get warmer?

I guess that I should scan my Libre and see where I am today, I scanned earlier and it was like 3,8 mmol. Still is. 

Well.. good morning world!


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