Just tired and sore but that’s where I draw the line…

I’m also very bored… not much is happening today, I get my shower tomorrow… that’s about it. I go to New D on Wednesday. Bees is going to get us Tim Horton’s to go. Like she will bring the stuff to New D for us. I’m getting a three cheese bagel with garlic and herb cream cheese, and a Diet Coke. 🙂

Anyways, I think I need to clean my room. The inspectors are coming tomorrow! Why they leave it til the last moment is beyond me… to me that sounds utterly stupid. 🙁 I will never understand health inspectors. Surprise appearances are not my bag.

Tonight we are having a pasta bake for dinner. With giant shells. You know the big pasta shape?? I think also cheese and tomato sauce. Yum!!

Anyways, g2g. I need to guzzle some water… thirsty as all get out.


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3 weeks ago

Me too!

3 weeks ago

@ostara Having pasta? Hurting like fuck? All of the above??

3 weeks ago

@cemeterydawn tired and sore. I was running on less than 4 hours of sleep yesterday. Not good!

Hope you feel better today!

3 weeks ago

@ostara I’m going to see my doc next week if it doesn’t go away.