Cuteness and Wierdness… and lousy*e

Ok, so I was standing on my knees and I told jonathon to come over to me.

He was taller than me. (while I’m on my knees)

This is a 5 year old.


So granted, I’m only 5’1 and granted he’s a boy.



a nice tall son. It made me tear up, cuz he’s getting so big and he looks so grown up. He’s my first baby *tear*…..

and he told me that one day when he grows up, he’s gonna take care of me… he also said i’d take care of his children too….*chortle*… but it was cute!

anyway, I just wanted to log this.

I love my kids. I already read them a story and did "super cuddle time"

Jonathon goes to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday.

I guess I’ll be doing my first pumpkin carving EVER.

yeah, i grew up in a house where halloween was banned. It’s the devils holiday blah blah blah. Heaven forbid you do a demon jack-o-lantern! MERCY TO THE LAWD NO!

So I’ve never once actually done a pumpkin carving.

First time for everything!

I’m scurred.


gonna go do a quick ring around the rosey game.

Then I may take some pics of my Kim Sim! hahahah. I should probably make some others, but I dunno. I’ll see if insipiration hits me. If not tonight, DEFINITELY tomorrow. cuz i’ll get home earlier (i hate when i have to drive, bleh! getting home at 6:30 is horrible when i could be home at 4:30)… yeah.

some weird chick called my phone. I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t answer. She left a voicemail the SECOND time she called… she didn’t say what company she was with or if she was with one at all. she sounded really nervous and stuttered over her phone number.

I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m not calling that crazy female back.

hell to the naw!

ok, ring around the rosie time!

But I’m not calling her back


*e I was putting jacob to bed and he said "my bed is lousy mom! it’s just lousy!"

where did he learn this word?

and it’s so cute.

ok bye

(i’m obviously on a "my kids are the cutest EVAR" mood…)

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RYN: I play the piano…….. does that count?

you are an awesome mom! Hooray you! Punkin carving is fun 😀 Chris

OMG that is cute! <3 Annie-Rae

October 23, 2006

It was ME!! i called you…bwa ha ha…ok im lying, but halloweens fun and jack-o-=lanterns are where its at, in my house growing up…it was like the best day of the year!! my mom made me all my costumes..and they kicked the store bought ones butts…um i love my kid too! yay for kids!!

October 23, 2006