evil whiney bitchy bitch *snarky edit*

It’s begun.

the rheumatism.

(I don’t meant to make fun of it, in case anyone HAS the rheum. and it’s horrible. my mother has the rheum, it sucks)


the damn arthritis.


ok, so my ankle was feeling better yesterday.

not so today.

too much confidence in my bodies healing power? I dunno.

but it’s got this sore d ull throbbing ache and i keep thinking "yes, i can feel the weather in my bones deary, gonna be rain comin soon. Pass me my teeth and the appleshosh"

bah, i hope this isn’t what that feels like.

it sucks.

so to add to my list of body ailments, i’m getting a cold for sure now. my nose has decided to run like a rivaaaaaah and my head is throbbing and threatening to dislodge from my neck and go to the bahamas.

whatever. stupid body.


I have 4 of those little sunny delights in the fridge here at work. i’m drinking them. I have to get diapers after work today, so i can get some more then.

yeah, diapers.

jacob is STILL not getting it.

him and his lousy bed.

anyway, another bad thing… I LEFT MY CELL PHONE IN MY CAR.

and i carpooled today. bah. so i’ll be out of cell phone commission today. probably a good thing with the thoughts I’ve been having..

speaking of carpooling… might not have that after this week if the devil has his way. but we did mention regular carpooling which is slightly better than driving every day. so we’ll see.

that means I’d have to REALLY clean my car up nicely and keep it that way.

oh what a novel idea.

it can’t look like i live in it anymore?

i even have spare underwear in there. whatever.

anyway, thank god writing this entry has woken me up. i’m feeling really ugh and i wasn’t sure if I was going to make it or not.

but i think i’ll make it.

oh optimism…. how sweet you are… let me hold you in my arms, caress you cheek and…


good morning.

* snarky edit*

oh! and i forgot the worst part of the day!

i woke up at 4:15.


that gives me FIVE MINUTES to get ready.

but i’m so gangsta (huh?!) that i did it.

with 1 minute to spare.

might be why my ankle hurts more…. cuz i ran on it like a damn idiot.


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October 24, 2006

I can feel the rain coming in my foot that I broke years ago from falling down stairs. Sober, during the day. It pisses me off because the damn thing just THROBS horribly and no amount of licking pain killers seems to help.

October 24, 2006

I wish Matt had a carpool. We dont live far from where he works, but there is NO parking anywhere. And theres like a 5 year waiting list for spaces. Bah.

October 24, 2006

haha GOOD MORNING! my car totally looks like i live in it and well i do half the time, no matter how hard i try or think im trying to keep it nice and clean give it a week or two and it is a mess again! of course that goes for everything i own or live in or near… yea… anyways… hope your ankle gets better sometimes it does get worse before it gets better!

My car still has a bunch of crap in it from when we moved 4 months ago. 😡

October 24, 2006

sunny delight is not o.j. sweetpea. your body can only absorb so much vitamin c anyway. get some zinc or garlic capsules. sorry, mom moment over. haha

We had the worst time potty training Meadow. FINALLY she got it.. but only after we bribed her with candy. We bought a big sack of candy and every time she used the potty, she would get a piece of candy. Worked wonders. Now she’s fully potty trained, but I still stick a pull up on her at night just in case.

October 24, 2006

ryn: haha read the bottle and tell me what the 2nd and 3rd ingredients are. just a hunch. humor me 😉

October 24, 2006

My son wore pull-ups to bed until a year ago — so he was about 8 when he finally quit wetting the bed!!! You may have a long road ahead of you.

RYN: haha it was only because I was going through a stage where I thought it would be terribly romantic for some guy to fall in love with me but then I go and become a nun and he would profess his love to me hahahaha that and it was to avoid the sex talk lamo. <3 Annie-Rae

October 24, 2006

ryn: yeah i figured. 😉

such a good morning. :hugs: Hope you are feelnig better. no cell phone? Boo! who am i gonna text now?? 😀 Luv and kittens. Chris (PS: I was sarcastic over that morning thing)

October 24, 2006

i wonder if i could get sims II on ebay or something??? hmmm…

October 24, 2006

You should’ve joined me for lunch. I had ice cream with warm rice-crispy treats underneath. YUMMY!! Me thinky of you… *grins* Love you, girlie!!!

October 24, 2006

RYN: Uh huh.. You and your boys should make rice crispy treats this weekend. Go to McD’s and get some soft serve ice cream. Each bite is HEAVEN!!! Let me know what you think. YUMMY!!! *BIG ole chunky hugs and loves* I, too, think of you daily and wish we lived closer. We’d be such great pals!