Flip the Light On. It’s Wakey Wakey

Sitting with my hood on with a headache on a Monday morning… it’s just not starting out right.


My eyes are all sensitive and watery too. BAH!

I am not looking forward to dealing with bank idiots today. No I am NOT… and it’s going to make me get home later.

And that just generally sucks.

I forgot to take my underwear out of the dryer.

It will probably be thrown all over my room when I get back because my little sisters are evil and they don’t know the meaning of a laundry basket.


Since I’m at work, I shall get some Nanowrimo done. (that is so wrong, that i can only write while at work, but it’s just something about th environment and not having to keep an ear out for my kids that makes me focus more here…. weird)

I plan on printing it out and taking it with me to hand write some stuff while I’m visiting family for Thanksgiving. I think it’ll work out cuz i’ll be bored senseless and I tend to write a little better by hand as it is. I used to write EVERYTHING by hand and then type into the computer because I couldn’t feel inspired typing. but it’s different now. My writing muscles aren’t what they use to be and it hurts after a good hour or so.


old fogarty.

anyhow, guess what time it is kiddies?

Time to wander the halls! YAAAAY!

If you like Sims, there are pics in the prev. entry.

I’m done for now.

Peace out, Rage in.

Or… something.

Just ignore me.



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November 20, 2006

Good morning! Have any Tylenol handy?

November 20, 2006

Mrs. K did NOT say “Happy Monday!” this morning. Which is cool. Unfortunately she DID say, “Happy Short Week”. Weirdo.

November 20, 2006

i am the same way i only can get to OD at work because at home I am chasing the little ones around and making sure they aren’t getting into anything they are not supposed to..

November 20, 2006

Peace out, rage in. love it! my eyes are all watery all the time these days from allergies. blah. *squeeeeeeze*

November 20, 2006

Tell Mr. Happy Doom good morning for me!


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