What are the precautions for brochure printing?

Corporate brochure printing is used to promote the services and other related information of the company. Exquisite corporate brochures can leave a deep and good impression on customers. For the brochure printing, taking into account the size of the company’s brochures, different materials are selected. If the content of the brochures is not much, you can choose a thicker paper to express the image of the company. The cover of the corporate brochures can also be embossed, which can make readers feel better in their hands. Or the printing of corporate promotional brochures can be combined with some packaging techniques to make the company’s brochures more connotative and distinctive.


  1. Bleeding line. The text and other content on the printing and layout of the promotional brochures need to be separated from the cutting edge by >3mm to prevent it from being cut during cutting.
  2. Twist. For works produced by software such as CoreIDRAW, the text needs to be turned into curves and outlines, otherwise the fonts will be missing. After the text is turned into a curved line, please pay attention to whether there are jumping lines or overlapping between words and lines. Try not to apply system characters, if applied, there will be white nodes at the intersection of strokes. If there is a white node at the handover position of the stroke, it can be solved by the command to break up. Do not use overprint fills for black text.
  3. Printing color difference. In the printing of color brochures, the color printed on the screen and printer cannot be used to request the printing color. When making, the customer needs to refer to the percentage of the CMYK color spectrum to determine the production color. Also note: CMYK chromatograms produced by different manufacturers are affected by factors such as paper quality, ink type, printing pressure, etc., and there will be differences in the same color block. When the same document is printed in different batches of promotional brochures, the color will be different, and the color difference recognized by the printing industry is normal within ±10% (because the ink volume control will be different each time).

4, the use of color blocks. When printing color promotional brochures, try not to use a combination of dark and full-page colors for the color matching of the color blocks, otherwise it is easy to cause back printing after cutting the promotional brochures. Do not use white color block concealer to avoid the trouble of printing and combining the brochures.

  1. Printing background color. The printing shading and base color of the promotional brochures should not be less than 10% to prevent the finished product from being displayed.
  2. Document format. Use CoreIDRAW9.0 to design and produce documents, because of the need of group edition, documents designed with Mac will be converted into PC format.
  3. Wireframe thickness. The thickness of the wireframe of all input and drawn graphics printed in the promotional brochures should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed matter will lead to broken lines and cannot be displayed. In addition, the wireframe cannot be set to “scale with the image”, otherwise irregular lines will be generated when the brochure is printed.
  4. Frame precise cropping. When a pattern with gradient color is placed in the frame for precision clipping, it should be converted into a bitmap (the method is the same as that in point 6). Because the frame gradient and other object groups are placed and then rotated, the gradient will be directions do not rotate together. In addition, the “edge width” cannot be set for any gradient object, which sometimes causes the gradient edge to be insufficiently filled due to differences in the interpretation of the output machine.
  5. Don’t leave a trim line. There is no need to draw crosshairs and cutting lines when the manuscript is completed. Two invisible wireframes can be used as the production size and bleed line 92x56mm, and the cut is 90x54mm (that is, 1mm of bleed is reserved on each of the four sides). If you have special size requirements, please indicate in detail on the order and the uploaded document.
  6. The picture is too large. Pay special attention to any images, color blocks and lines that are out of the production size and need to be placed in the frame.

The printing of corporate publicity brochures is a kind of expression with pictures and texts. Compared with a single text or a picture brochures, the picture brochures has an extremely unique advantage. Because the picture book is eye-catching enough, it can be understood at a glance, because it has relatively concise text descriptions.

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