eBay treasures

As I sit here on my bed, listening to the trains go past Davis, and to my sister Julie snoring… I’m just watching this item here. I am in the market for an iPad. I do have an Amazon Fire, but I am not using it atm. I should I know, but… I want to have the iPad to sync up with my iPhone. Just call me iSammy… remember iCarly? Well.. I’m iSammy lolololol…

I still have my 3DS XL and quite frankly, I’m sticking to my guns and keeping it. Switches are nice but bloody expensive. 

Maybe for my bday, I can splurge on a Switch?????


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February 22, 2023

Switches are expensive, that’s for sure. I would hope that older models would go down in price

February 22, 2023

hopefully you can get that switch some day!