I Wish

I wish I had a healthy relationship with my mother. It was fine when we were both younger, but as I’ve grown up and developed into the young woman I am today, I have created strong beliefs and opinions about various topics that she has as well, and considering the fact that we are both Type A personalities, we often get into big arguments that ends with us not speaking to each other. I wish it wasn’t like this because I have so many friends who do so many activities with their moms and tell them everything, and that is just something that I have never been able to do. I wish I could tell her about my life at school, my friends, the guys I like, but I can’t. I wish I could.

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I hear you, my bio mom is very avoidant, and that pisses me off.. thankfully I have an adopted mummy whom I can tell everything.

August 3, 2022

if you don’t have strong relationship with your mom, develop a grantor meaning find people friends or other relationship to carry needs you lack from her