I haven’t written for a while. Went into an inactive sprial and haven’t worked on the book for over a week. Finding motivation lately is haaard; I’ll have a few days where I’m really good and I work and get stuff done and then I won’t do anything for a week. As today’s Friday I might give myself the next 3 days and sleep early and get up at a semi decent time, and then from Monday get back into writing mode.

Today has been funny. I got a kitten about a month ago now, a friend of mine had a friend and she had one too many cats so I took her. I live in a housing association flat and I’m not allowed pets, it’s in the lease and I’ve always known this, and it’s always been the reason why I haven’t ever got one. However it’s one of those dumb things because I have a small balcony which has chicken wire round the bottom of it, round the bars and my landlord, or the guy from the housing association who I’ve worked with for years, came round to the flat once not too long after I’d moved in, and he made a comment about the wire, something along the lines of “oh the previous occupants must have had a pet.”

So he seemed cool about that, and as said I’ve always got on with him fairly well, I’ve paid my rent on time and haven’t ever caused them any problems. But I knew I was taking a bit of a risk getting this cat. My thinking was, before my recent relapse I didn’t see him from year to year. He came round so irregularly that I thought I can likely get away with having her (the cat), and he wouldn’t be aware. So this has all gone well for the last month, and then today there’s a knock at my door. With hindsite, I could have just not opened the door, but it was probably better that I did because I answered, and when I saw it was him was just thinking please don’t ask to come in! Please don’t ask to come in! Luckily he didn’t but straight away he said, “oh have you got a cat?” I quickly said “yes, I’m looking after her for my sister,” and he said “because I just saw her in the window!” Apparently she was sitting in the window and so he said he was playing with her!

I was like, nooooooo!! I thought I would likely have got away with it but then her naturally naughty temprement got us both in trouble!! So he started talking about something else, and then he asked it I was looking to move at all, and he went on to say there’s a great flat in the valley which allows pets!! So I just kinda ignored the pets part of it and expressed interest in the flat, because I have genuinely been wanting to move for quite some time now, and a flat in the valley here would be great. So I have actually just come back in a put a bid in, I’m top of the list so I’m praying I get a call to go visit it..

As said I’ve been wanting to move for quite some time now, it’s just a question of finding somewhere which is nice, as i’ve gotton quite used to my little flat and it’s nice and spacious for a single person. It’s not big, just good sized and so I’m hoping this place is nice.. It said I have 5 more days to put in a bid and so I’m guessing I’ll have to wait five days before I hear anything back, but I’m really hoping- a) that I get a call back and b) that it’s a nice flat. I’m going to have to wait.

I feel like I’ve been doing quite a lot of that lately. I sent in a submission to a writing competition about 6 weeks ago, and today is the day that results come out and I find out whether I’m in the top 100 list. I was kinda hoping, although not 100% confident, that I might make it to at least the top 100. Although I’m thinking that the top prize is £10,000 and so the competition will likely attract good writers, which lowers my chances of getting somewhere. I’m waiting today, because I’m not sure whether they will contact those who haven’t been successful, or not. Or whether or not they send out results early or later in the day. I’ve actually just emailed them to ask..

Aaargh I guess I need to put it to the back of my head now and carry on writing.

And hoping that my landlord doesn’t come down heavy and push the cat thing. Hopefully he’ll forget about it or leave it.. as said he comes round here so infrequently..


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1 week ago

So he already knew you were looking to move?  And only came to tell you that he knew of a place?

I’m glad you got the cat.  Sometimes the heart needs to prevail over the rules, hmph!

@elcreature yes that’s what I thought.. and I’m glad I did because my little kitten has likely saved me over the last 2 months!! I had a mental health breakdown at the end of last year and desperately needed company. He came round I think just to say hello, but then yes to also mention the flat. Fingers crossed he decides to ‘look the other way!’ Or I can move!