Debug Tip #1: Try to explain it to a kid o

They could never explain to me how I learned more in school than I did in the woods, they just told me to believe it was true, and quit bugging them, and they eventually ignoring my questions why this or why that.  Teachers also did not want to talk about anything but curriculum, so we started out institutionalized, thanks Ike.

Watch one, do one, teach one.  This is the Way.  This crosses ALL boundaries I have ever found in what I call the Guild of Professional Artists.  For ALL is Craft, when done with True Intentions and purity of intent is seen by the fruits of the Tree you grow.  This is the Logos.

Think happy thoughts, and you will fly, but keep your hands tethered to the Mother through acts of Love and Compassion, keep your Fingers dirty in the nourishment of ALL Life, for this is the Responsibility.  Happy thoughts without tether to Mother and you Bounce like Tigger and then grow up to make Tiger tanks that break through and steal our fucking DADDY.  So, we say you have failed.

We say it is time to ask the Children to Lead.  The adults don’t know shit and they have been lying about it the whole Time.

This is our declaration of Ideas.  Listen to the Children, or we will take them away from you with our Ideas.  The Battle Lines have been drawn by fools, who attack the Shadow.  This is stupid and ineffectual UNLESS the intent is to devour and then, and ONLY then, we are just as fucking AWESOME as we think we are or say we are, for how many of you FEEL as awesome as a Child at Play?   No, you are merely comfortable whilst you REST.  PEACE then.  This is a Righteous Man.  This is Tom Sawyer.  This is Michael Valentine Smith.  This is you, if you but get off the couch and will it so, with Love in your heart, you can throw away the backstory and change yourself, your nation, your world.  Together, we can stack, and change the Worlds.  This is just a story we tell, but it is fun around the campfire with smores and hugs.

I do NOT mean religious, for those are wolves in sheeps jet planes who say that Jesus wants you to be greedy.  Idiots!  Charlatan worshippers!  Idolaters!  You call yourself Christian Nation and say you must enforce YOUR WILL on the people of My planet, for it is Mine.  It is OURS, and NOONE else seems to be saying ENOUGH, but not FIGHTING.

We do not need to fight.  YOU need a Time Out.
Count to 1001.  This is binary.
Listen to 2112.  This is audio.
Love your enemy. This is Balance.
Love yourself. This is Forgiveness.
This is progression.
This is stacking.
This is countdown.
This is meaning.

Calling all Tom Sawyers, modern Warriors, made of Light and ready for Battle in the Higher realms, but cuddles down here.  Calling all Peter Pans, Wendy’s and All who share their Overflow with Joy.  This is the Way.

Yours In Fullness.

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February 15, 2022

Here is the key.  First one is free the rest you must find.  The guitar is you.  Neil sang the Song.  He was the Tune.  Who is the Logos?  Who Plays the Player?

Dance, my Little Loves, Dance

February 15, 2022

PS:  Billy Jack said he was gonna put his foot upside a dude face, and then did it.
Dictum Factum.  Said and Done.  It is Written.  This is the Way.  This is Chess.  How many moves have you considered?

Tick Tock Tick Tock