Fear is the mind killer

I laugh so hard when people tell me to stay in my bubble as they ban books from our children’s library. And then I get mad, because their FEAR makes their choices stupid, and their stupidity affects the future, and all fear should do is live in the past, where I can trap it, kill it, eat its liver with a bottle of Chiante` and some fava beans, and push the man I AM to become greater than that which scared the man I WAS.

I don’t know how to help people free themselves from fear, because it isn’t a freedom I have found, it isn’t a separation from fear, it is an understanding, and an acceptance that the Dark is scary.  But this is the only place we find novelty, where angels fear to tread.  I am not a psychonaut, though I have been called similar; exploration of the things that make us who we are is something I don’t understand why everyone is not doing it.  What is more important and what is more likely to be able to be useful if any of the esoteric teachings are correct?

I play the odds.  Unless it falls on green, I got the bases covered.  Want to know my system?

It’s just math.

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