It’s past 3am and I’m still up. That’s what happens when I stop smoking weed…. I stay up for a while then go to sleep 48 hours later. I’m so exhausted but I’m thinking about the flowers Abdul bought me.


Abdul bought roses for all teachers and I was the only one who was different. He gave me chocolate too…. It was sweet.

but anyways, I saw my co workers leave their flowers at the school again for the second day in a row…so I took them because they didn’t care about them. If they cared they would have brought them home…. But they didn’t.

so I took them home…. Now I gotta think of a lie why or WHO TOOK THEIR FLOWERS??


since no one was around, I’m gonna play dumb… or I may fess up and say I saw the flowers looking wilted so I took them home. I’ll figure it out… it’s not that serious.


its just the kleptomaniac in me. I even went lost and found and shopped when school was over. I got me some shoes, a shirt and three hoodies… I don’t need more clothes but I can use them for work in August.

Change subject real quick: our world seems so crazy. Why so many pedophiles and murderers? And what about Israel and Hamas? And then here the United States is dealing with news about gay p. Diddied…


fun fact: I know someone who works/worked with Diddy. He never did anything with her…I don’t think….but- he demolished her career. I wonder if he gave her any money to live off of….at least 375k. I know you can’t do much …I cant retire off that amount but if I wanted to live my last years in a rundown apart I could….no extra spending money though…rent only.

I’m glad I’m not known yet. I can live in the ghetto and drive and old car…and if people mention my music or acting, I just say : it’s a hobby.

I never called my passions a hobby until recently. It’s feels wrong because I know it’s a major passion and what I want to do with my life.

god help me. Amen

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