Chapter 24 – Episode 0.1 – The Camera Epilogue

I was strolling down the road when I realized I hadn’t brought my camera.

I knew exactly where it was, it was sitting beside the computer in the sitting room and so I hurried to get it.
This year is quite a special year for my family.
First of all, 19 years ago on 12th February, my youngest baby brother was born.
While many birthdays pass without a fuss, Logan’s birthday is always a special time for the family to come together and remember him.
Although Logan was only 7 years old, he died through meningitis, a serious illness.
His heart was stopped twice that evening, his breath stopped three more times.
We laid him on his back in an attempt to give him oxygen to bring his breathing.
Out of all of that reading and interpreting I have been working on I realize personally that always when time passes, your relationship with death slowly overcomes everything and change completely reveals overwhelming fact that no matter how good the man is while he is alive he will ultimately go to his Creator, just as John the Baptist told us before he was taken to be baptized.
(Revelation 3: 19)
Why would I need to know this if I haven’t have watched the final Harry Potter films or read the books?
You would say because knowledge is power, but I’ve learnt my own power over death by loving God and doing his will for me.
He has given me this life and made his Covenant, yet I choose my own future and decide what I want to experience in it.
Every morning I wonder what I am going to achieve with each of my calls, what help will I be able to give and generally how I am going to work with the people in the village.
But is any of it real?
The people who are required to change in order for all to come to Christ are the true believers.
This means changing your relationship with them to better reflect Christ’s love.
But these changes can’t happen without understanding.
Which leads me back to the beginning of the article.
I was strolling down the road when I realized I hadn’t brought my camera.

Its flash is as flawless as an exemplary, my younger brother Logan who has been thinking calmly in the magical desperate precipitation.

Naturally, it has all the glory of a baby, which once lay alone. There is nothing like a baby that once lay alone.

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