Is this normal?

Dear Diary,

I played an AI hooker for the department of justice after giving the feds the coke dealer of American University in the 90s which only happened because I was arrested for the dealer and asked if I was a hooker. I did none of his blow.

A middle eastern man who won Sundance sent me a script about AI hookers after I slept with a man who worked for a president 1000 times.

My bank was hacked after I starting attending grad school and working with formerly incarcerated, poor, street, drug, addict population by assignment for medical field. They all were living free off government money.

I am half Jewish and told the Nazis believed in bio wars, spying and using Jews’ bio data and stealing their houses and banks. Another ex had a nazi granddad, his dad did coke and runs a hospital. I used to live with him.

An anarchist group from Brooklyn sprayed my face in the late 2000s reported. They burn warehouses and one said she did a Juju sex vid on public access, all reported after hack.

I have a CIA profile and police asked after a decade why I want to eat food or wear deodorant from the grocer which I have been taking the whole time with my cell phone for almost a decade now since apartment was stolen after filing hacking investigation report in grad school which I received honors for. Starbucks employees are wearing anarchist, sex, dog, bondage, masks since, 10 year police grocer. Uglier woman from anarchist bondage said something about 10 years.

Is this normal? Dana Edwards : more advanced degree than the president and many world, theater, arts reviews on front and second pages of the newspaper, raised on the highest level opera stage, Jewish. The nazis could clone in world war 2 and the 2 sign means peace and privacy to the Jews. I have a pod on the masons, psychoanalytics and Jews and do psychedelic art. The nazi descendent ex comes from an “art” collector family.

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