Focusing on work remains a challenge. I am fortunate for the job I have though.

Connor continues to work my nerves and put a strain on my marriage. I can’t wait for him to move out. I only hope he can maintain it and doesn’t wind up with charges or in jail or worse.

I’m uncomfortable in my own skin and my self esteem has dropped. I’m coming down off my meds, have insomnia and just happen to be on my cycle right now.

And I have to go to Ian’s going away shindig tonight. Neither of us want to go. I just keep telling myself it’ll only be a couple of hours. I won’t have a chance to walk the dog after work, poor guy. Maybe I’ll finally start jogging again tonight and I can take him with me. If I can get back into the habit of waking up early I think that would be best for him. With the insomnia though it’s so hard to drag myself out of bed because I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am.


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