Spring Cleaning

I’m having a bit of a spring clean in my room and sorting out the bumf.  Not an easy task as it is mentally draining.  I need to be doing it more often.  The internet has gone into dial-up at my place till Sunday – I suspecf Lance’s online games are partly responsible for it.  I want to get a 3.5mm jack plug for using Cool Edit to see if that will transfer my vinyl and tapes to MP3.

4ZZZ was okay this morning.  We’ve got a new guy joining us this week called Jacob who is originally from Hamburg in Germany, and wants to work in administration in the music industry.  He’s getting off to a good start by working with the station.  Went home from the station and had a rather quiet arv, had a belly nap and took a walk to George Street and back.  That’s about all, got to bed at 10.30 tonight. 

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