In all seriousness, I’d really like to know what, exactly, constitutes as a non-emergency?

  • Non-threatening injury
  • broken bones
  • feeling sick (with COVID, how can you tell that the symptoms are just the flu?)
  • unable to walk?
  • unable to move?
  • unable to do anything?


Calling the non-emergency number here is like pulling teeth. I had to call not one number — not even two numbers — but THREE phone numbers to get an ambulance for my 82 year old mother who is prone to falling.

This was an emergency to me, but I daresn’t call 911 for being chastised that the situation was not an emergency. At least in the eyes of the EMT’s.

Will just have to wait and see now what the deal is and whether or not she’ll be coming home tonight. With the amount of falling she’s done over the past few weeks I’d be surprised if they let her come home this evening. Maybe tomorrow? Sooner I hope, rather than later. I miss her already.

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