In Knots

So the first on interviews went well for my husband however after hearing everything he is now nervous and doesn’t think the salary is worth all the work. After listening to what all the job actually entails he understand now why people with duck out of the interview… There is a possibilities he’s company maybe getting new contracts however in the world of construction we know it’s not a for sure thing. We just don’t know what to do and on a day like today just sitting and twirling my thumbs  all I do is think about it.

The Pro:

If he take the job it would be a consistent pay check with benefits. He would be right next door to our son school. A career he could grown and make his own. Would work more of his mind then his back. We could start planning a future instead of living day by day.

The Con:

He’d have to work for my mom which can be stress in itself. He would be losing his company. He might have to turn in his truck since it is a company assets.  We would have to start paying for internet since the company pays for it. He has to work with a group people he doesn’t know. He isn’t sure what he’s Dad will do if he quits. It is a possible pay cut however he hasn’t been paid a full pay check since Covid started…

I don’t want to pressure him into anything so I am trying to stay as neutral and positive as I can but it just has me knots.  I keep running to the bathroom and feel like I am going to throw up.  I just want my family to be happy and health. I feel like he and I are always stressed and I know the kids feel it too. I just honestly don’t know what to do. In all honesty it’s up to him I just want him to make the best choice for himself and not because of outside influences.

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