When a Door May Open

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well this Friday!!! So of course I am left with a possible maybe career changing choice with a possible leap into the unknown or hand it off to my husband, yet in the end it may not matter because it may not happen in the first place…. Confused yet?

A long time ago my husband use to work for my mom (no we meet in high school he work for her after we were together). Long story short the main boss was caught stealing money it was a whole mess and unfortunately the organization had to close. Since then my husband has started a business with his Dad in construction which started well until the pandemic hit now we are lucky if he earns enough to cover mortgage… He feels it is starting to pick up and he took on being a Bite Squad driver when they are down.

My mother went to work for another non for profit organization yet she is having issues with staffing and would really like either my self or my husband to take a position since they are having a hard time find someone. She said during the interviews when people find out how much the salary is they get offended and duck out of the interview….

First issue not sure if the board will go for her hiring a family member

Second her worry not mine, we can’t go on family vacations anymore….

Third Yes I would make more money however I have put time into the School District and I believe I have the better health benefits so I do not really want it and my mother and I relationship is shaky at best not sure how I would feel seeing her everyday.

Fourth my husband has worked with her knows how to handle her however he would be making less then in the construction yet it would be more steady…

Fifth soon my youngest won’t need preschool so that will help a lot and the school we want him to go to is right next door.

So I guess it boils down to which one of us would be smarter to make the move? I make pennies but the benefits are good. In my heart of hearts I think he should make the move and we will look at the finances as it falls.

And the real killer is that none of this may happen anyways so I will spends days maybe even weeks stressing and then be pissed off because it was for no reason…. UGH!!

Isn’t Life Grand……

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