The girl who served your table

All the people that went for a holiday to the Dominican  Republic last year, do you realize the girl who served your table, the  cooks who cooked your meals and the waiter who served your drink have  been, all of them, sent home without pay?

The hotels that asked you to pay so much for each night, now suddenly  have ‘no money’ for their staff. This is not a small problem and it is  not a problem only in the Dominican Republic I am sure.

But the families of these hardworking people, some are good friends  of ours, are now without income. Suspended for three months will be too  much for many of them. Write to ‘your’ hotel and make them change their  minds, please!

This is not limited to people from the USA or Europe. We have seen a lot of tourists from Russia for example.  And I know nobody can come here now, so you may feel jealous of me, living here. But life is not getting more easy here! Production of almost anything has come to a screeching halt and more people are out of work. Things are slowly getting better, but very slowly.

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nods and smiles Well put. 🙂