Aztec: Piece One

How would Fate prefer us?  What about Fate and how we remember her?  Fate possesses an unfortunate state in all our lives, she seems to lack control as she brings some together and let’s others slip apart.  Who could say that Fate is cruel or indifferent?  Maybe she just knows better than us.  Fate, like the gods, knows our past, our present, our future.  Who else may be better to weave the cloth that creates our lives, other than Fate, herself?
There amongst a swelling crowd I saw two young women meet for the first time while attempting to avoid the eventual surge of subdued violence that was to ensue.  A wall of death as bodies collided, brothers and strangers met, all survived but the aggressions left.
The young women exchanging names and brief details of their lives, who they were and from whence they came.
As the body fumed, ebbed, and spit I lost sight and surmised I’d likely never see the two again.
Yet later that night as the doors for those tumult closed, I saw on the street, two young women pass by.  Talking and laughing, looking and deciding, where to find a few last drinks.  Maybe coffee.
Fate, I have seen her do strange things.  Rarities are found in the most unexpected places.
I saw two people drawn together.  Friendships created.  Blessings, I do not know how or why, unfolding before my eyes.

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