So I am finally seeing someone that’s not pat. Obviously we argued and pat then robbed me of the only money I had so I contacted a guy i was good friends with, also slept with at one point, and he gave me gas to get home. I decided to stay a while, and then decided maybe sex was the answer to my suffering, not really but it did help. So then, this guy… calls me after and casually talks me to, every day for another two weeks, all day. So, we aren’t dating, but his company is helping me. I need to learn to be alone. It helps having a bad comparison because everything feels nice, just knowing i wont get abused feels nice. We got a hotel, he paid, for dinner as well, and thought through like what i would eat, drink, everything and i appreciated that. He slept together like 4 times, and when we got back I sat at his house for another few hours, I didn’t want to leave, we talk and talk about everything. We generally have friendship. I’m fucking hurting, and I’m just happy im not alone. idk

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February 5, 2019

I find when I spend too much time alone I tend to ask myself questions but never answer them and I am always reminding me of what I need to do.  But then there are times where I find being alone I get way more done and feel like I have accomplished something.

February 5, 2019

I’m glad that you have someone special to help you get over your ex.