Night thoughts

So once again there’s another hearing on 7/11. Not sure what for but at least he’s in.

I guess it was also requested he get a psychological evaluation while in there.

So, he’s using his mental illness as an excuse in his favor. And all of it really makes me sick.

Honestly everything would be civil if he just stayed the hell away from the meth.

So far he has two M2s and several duties at a stop… So in my head the cops went after him and something in his mind thought he could run.

I don’t know anything, really. I never will.

But for now I can rest a bit longer knowing he’s behind bars.

What I really want to do is to just move so he doesn’t know a damn thing about where I am with our child and then, I can rest.

Still wondering why domestics hasn’t given me a letter or anything on resuming support. Idgaf if his injury is indefinite. If he can support himself, he can also support his two children on it.

In a fantasy world, they’d contact me looking for her and we would form a desperately needed bond for my hurting 6 year old.

They’d all apologize for treating me like garbage and everything would be ok.

In reality, I won’t ever contact them nor will she as long as I’m alive.

Shame on all of them for discarding and abandoning her


In other news my 8th grader will graduate soon , if he doesn’t have summer school.

Field trip to Knoebels soon.

R is our racing tonight and that’s a whole story I’m too tire for rn.




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