So what

I really don’t have anger issues, dude just pisses me off. He really is verbally abusive.  Like hes nice to literally everyone but me and my kids. I’ve told him to stop. He just refuses and i get mad listening to him act w such authority.

No wonder my girl never listens.

I don’t want her to, tho.

Anyway, she wasn’t feeling well, and stuffed nose at 2am, last night.

I came down, took care of her til she fell asleep.  She woke for school,  didn’t WANT to go.

She “wasn’t feeling good” but i pressed her to get up, get dressed and go to school anyway.

Its week two of school. Like… I DON’T Wanna go, either! I would love to stay sleeping,  since i slept like shit anyway.

I told her if she’s not feeling well, she can go to the nurse and if she has a fever, she will come home.

So, we drove. She seemed okay, otherwise.  Just a sniffle. I got allergies,  so…

I really didn’t think much of it. Came home, sat down. Was about to start working.

My phone rang.

This girl, went straight to the nurse as soon as she went to class.  And yes, she had a fever! So i got her home immediately. Got her some medicine,  she took a cool down shower. No fever tonight but…

Maaan i feel like the dumbest mother, ever.

So now shes home, tomorrow too.

24 hrs fever free without meds.

My poor girl.

I’m a bad mommy.

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